UWAC 2013

For its eighth annual conference, UWAC made a defining move from Waterloo to downtown Toronto, allowing delegates to experience the fast-paced environment in which many accounting professionals carry out their professional activities. UWAC partnered with CBC/Radio-Canada to deliver a challenging case to delegates, centered around Canada’s broadcasting environment.

Keynote Speaker

Troy Maxwell

Troy Maxwell

CFO, RBC Capital Markets and Senior VP

Troy Maxwell is a Senior Vice President of RBC where he is Head of Finance Governance and Chief Financial Officer of RBC Capital Markets. Mr. Maxwell provides leadership in RBC’s Head Office Finance teams, including areas of External Reporting and Finance Systems. His responsibilities also include management of all financial services to the business platform, such as valuations and produce control. With his Chartered Accounting designation and many years of industry experience, Mr. Maxwell has previously held positions as the Chief Financial Officer of a major Canadian investment bank, as well as a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.