First-Year Coordinator

Applications due Monday, Sept. 15 at 11:59 pm.

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What can UWAC do for you?


As a First Year Coordinator you will have the opportunity to work alongside an Executive Coordinator and hone your leadership skills. Since each coordinator has no defined role, you will have the opportunity to take initiative on various tasks and bring your own unique ideas to the task.


Since you will be working closely with the UWAC team, you will inevitably hone your abilities to resolve conflicts as well as accept and provide constructive feedback to others. You will also realize the importance of working as a team in order to effectively reach goals.


Through weekly meetings, and daily updates, you will learn how to communicate your ideas effectively and in an appropriate manner. Having daily contact with the UWAC team will provide you with the perfect opportunity to improve your professional speaking skills.

Your Professional Network


UWAC brings together over 200 accounting undergraduate students and industry professionals for you to network with. As a First Year Coordinator you will have the opportunity to work closely with 15 other students from the School of Accounting and Finance. Not only will you work together on UWAC-related tasks, but the UWAC team also forms a support network to assist you with any other problems you might be having throughout the school year.

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