About Us


Our Mission

The University of Waterloo Accounting Conference aims to promote the accounting profession by fostering an understanding and appreciation for the profession’s importance in the business world. Beyond this, UWAC also strives to create an enriching environment for students to grow and develop through collaborating with fellow delegates and forging meaningful connections. By combining learning and networking, the conference seeks to provide delegates with a unique and insightful experience that will act as a stepping stone in their journeys to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision

The University of Waterloo Accounting Conference strives to stimulate the continued pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the accounting profession by providing students with:
A conference built around current industry issues
Engaging and relevant speakers
Real-life case challenges and workshops
Opportunities to build connections

Our Values



We exceed expectations while maintaining the high standards of social conduct


We communicate and listen to every individual’s perspective with honesty and integrity

Learning and development

We foster a positive learning environment of innovation and creativity


We are committed to bringing the conference to new heights each year